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Over the years I have tried several different web hosts.  Some hosts do not allow root access.  I have complete control of my site with my own control panel for creating email addresses, adding applications which are free and a couple hundred to choose from.  Needless to say, I am very happy.  I just wanted to give them a plug.

Celestial Hosting

Open Grid vs Government controlled monopolies

The premise is simple.  People with brains prefer open source software because unlike monopolistic Operating Systems from Microsoft and Apple have back doors for government to enter and steal without a warrant.  Open Source offers the source code for the entire world to see and help build and protect, and is therefore safe since any back door would be obvious to a trained programmer.  What country in the world is stupid enough to buy U.S. software with back doors for the government to spy and manipulate at will? 

Solar Installations in Utah's Uintah Basin

DIY or "Do It Yourself" solar has arrived in the Uintah Basin.  Uintah County is actually the most conservative county in Utah.  So why waste thousands of dollars paying someone that spent over an hour getting certified, when you can do it yourself?  

Uintah and Duchesne counties are prime for DIY solar installation.  Local utilities have frequent outages and solar prices are lower than they have ever been.  The Ute and Ouray Nations have the opportunity to become energy independent.  All citizens can begin saving money immediately, by going solar.

Solar Panels in Fruitland, Utah

When Richard White, of Fruitland, Utah bought a ranchette to get away from the city, he bought a small cabin to go with it.  Living off-grid was an adventure, but he didn't want to have to go down to the Big G convenience mart to watch the Super Bowl.  There was actually a local guy with a sign advertising solar panels right in Fruitland, but the prices were about $100 higher for each panel than at Witch Well Energy in Duchesne.

No Power at Whitehouse

This is important in so many ways.  Prophetically, it indicates that Satan is on his way out.  It also reinforces the fact that the real power is with the People and not with a black man in a white house. 

As everyone that lives off-grid knows, the grid is an evil mechanism to control and spy on it's victims.  The grid is not cheap.  While all one could see was the whites of their eyes in the dark at the Whitehouse, everyone with sense enough to cut the cable to the grid were all happy as clams and there was no power outage among the off-grid citizens.

Solar Panel Sales and Service in Duchesne County

We have lived off-grid for 15 of the last 20 years.  We have sold and installed solar and wind installations in both Utah and Arizona.  We registered our name "Witch Well Energy" in April of 2001.  We are located near Starvation Reservoir in NE Utah. 

We know what works and how it works.  We stock inverters, charge controllers, batteries, solar modules, and balance of system items like wire, fuses, connectors, disconnects, etc. 

We have certified installers or you can just pick up whatever you need from our warehouse.



225 Watt Solar modules in stock $290

These solar panels can be used for grid-tie using enphase string inverters, or off-grid systems from 12 volt DC, 24 VDC, 48 VDC, 96 VDC, etc.  Because the open circuit voltage of these panels is over 36 volts DC, it is necessary to use an MPPT charge controller with 12 volt systems. 


Safety Ratings & Certifications

Will a Breakthrough Solar Technology See the Light of Day?

One Texas city will run on 100 percent clean energy by 2017

RENA Unveils New Machine For Wet Chemical Processing Of PERC Solar Cells


Germany-based RENA Technologies GmbH has developed its InOxSide+ wet chemical processes machine for producing passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) solar cells.


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