Salt Lake City To Double Municipal Solar Power

Salt Lake City isn't quite bright enough to buy their own solar and tell Rocky Mountain Power to eat shit and die, but this is still a good thing.  One never knows; Salt Lake may wake up and stop supporting the Luciferian agenda of big government and utility controlled power.  What can one expect from a queer Mayor?

Intentional community powers 10 homes with shared solar

Hemp is Better for Everything: Cannabis-Based Batteries

Trina Solar Achieves New Efficiency Record For IBC Solar Cell

China-based Trina Solar Ltd. says that its lab has beaten the company’s own world record for a large-area interdigitated back contact (IBC) silicon solar cell.

Could The U.S. Switch To 100% Renewable Energy?

HP says bye-bye to utility power and Hello to Do It Ourself

Technology company HP Inc. says it is bolstering its longtime commitment to sustainability by pledging to achieve 100% renewable electricity usage in its global operations.

Minnesota jails patriot for creating own electricity

In an effort to exercise total control over citizens and appease Satan, Minnesota has decided to jail citizens that obey God and try to be self reliant.

A Minnesota green energy entrepreneur has been in jail since Friday all because of a wind turbine that once stood on his property.

Rocky Mountain Power To Build 20 MW Solar Farm For Subscribers

Rocky Mountain Power has signed a contract with juwi to build and develop the utility’s first Subscriber Solar program resource. The 20 MW solar farm will be located in Holden, Utah.

Wyoming Attorney General Petitions EPA To Reconsider Clean Power Plan

At the direction of Gov. Matt Mead, R-Wyo., Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael has petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider the final Clean Power Plan rulemaking.

In the petition, submitted to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Dec. 21, the state argues that the final rule violates the Administrative Procedure Act, the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act.

SMA Launches Home Storage Inverter For High-Voltage Batteries

SMA high voltage inverter

Germany-based SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has


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