Solar Thermal Heating Makes A Perfect Complement To PV Electricity Generation

The manufacturers of solar pool-heating systems and solar hot water heating systems are seeing a resurgence in business activity. This is good news on all fronts.

The economy is stronger and the recession is behind us. We need to be prudent moving forward, but we are clearly in a better business environment today than we have been in the past seven years.

The U.S. Solar Domestic Hot Water Industry Is Dissolving Itself

The U.S. solar domestic hot water (SDHW) industry is in a state of dissolution due to historic trends and self-inflicted wounds.

Two historic trends and associated events have severely damaged the SDHW industry; the rapid fall in natural gas (NG) prices since 2008 and the parallel fall in photovoltaic system prices have all but pushed SDHW out of the market.

Suniva Powers Sundance Theater

What chemicals should I use to clean solar panels?

Cleaning modules in large commercial arrays is done based on a cost-benefit analysis that compares cleaning costs with the revenue increase that results from the improved array output. Most residential and small commercial users want their array to perform optimally all the time, and may therefore clean them more often than commercial arrays are cleaned.

Extreme weather double glass solar modules

JA Solar double-glass solar module

Do you live in an area known for heavy hail?  JA Solar has a tough solution.


Women in the Solar Industry

Solar power has transformational potential that goes beyond the electricity bill.

Behind the Scenes at Crown Battery

On a frigid day last year during the holiday season, Crown Battery Manufacturing Co. invited Solar Builder for a factory tour at its headquarters in Fremont, Ohio. We were able to see how the company makes its batteries — for applications ranging from automotive, marine, mining and renewable energy — and witness its push to be more green.

Utilities intend to charge citizens for creating own power

SCE Proposes Monthly Charge For Residential Solar Producers To Cover Infrastructure Costs

Southern California Edison (SCE) has filed a proposal in the net-energy metering (NEM) successor tariff proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission.

Utilities cry about private citizens creating own power

A new report from Kansas-based engineering and construction firm Black & Veatch says utility executives are feeling increasingly uncertain about the pace of regulation due to the rise of renewable energy, distributed generation and the growing role of natural gas in the power market.

Why Crown Batteries are the best for solar (renewable energy)

We have been selling and installing solar and wind power systems since 1999.  There have been a lot of technological advances during that time.  While some of the prototypes and advances currently under research in all facets of the solar industry, lead acid batteries is still, by far, the least expensive solution for storing electricity. 


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