Rocky Mountain Power Fails 82,000 customers, again

Utility power has never been, nor can it ever be, as reliable as doing it yourself.  The government has never been able to do anything efficiently and utilities are government controlled entities.  They may tell you to bend over, but they never provide vaseline.  People are brainwashed and have grown to allow Satan into their lives as a matter of convenience.

It doesn't make any sense financially, though.  For what any individual or business pays the utility on an annual basis, they can have a far better system and own it.  A home power system that is paid for can provide free electricity for generations.  Utility bills are perpetual debt.  Even after you die, the utility will send another bill.  Cabins and cottages are often electrified for the cost of a single years utility bill and provides perpetual power thereafter. 

Utilities are multi billion dollar conglomerates that actually hate their customers.  They tolerate them like slaves that produce a revenue stream, but a utility will never fix an outage in less than 5 minutes.  Most home system outages, which rarely if ever ocurr, can be rectified in a matter of minutes.  

Ask yourself a simple question.  Why are utilities so wealthy and wasteful that they can have hundreds of millions of dollars in equipment just laying around?  It's because supplying electricity is an incredibly profitable venture.  Smart people simply disconnect from the utility and save that money for something else.