Creating an Income Stream while off-grid

You want to get out of the city, grow a garden, breathe the clean air, and live the dream.  You found a beautiful spot on top of a mountain, overlooking a lake, and your closest neighbor is over a mile away.  You setup your solar panels on the roof of your cabin, place the wind turbine tower in a perfect wind location, house your batteries and inverter in an enclosed metal Farraday cage.  You've got unlimited Internet from AT&T.  Google cast to put it on the big screen.  This is really the life.

You've already spent a lot of money and there are still plenty of things you will be needing.  You need an income stream.  You don't have time for a job.  But you will be needing more money.

You have read how CBD Oil stops cancer growth, can end epileptic seizures, relieves chronic pain, and many other things.  You discover that it doesn't get you high, you can't overdose or take too much, and your body actually has receptors whose only function is to accept cbd.  Wow! you say.  This is like a miracle plant.  In fact, the founding fathers used to grow hemp to make ropes and paper. 

As you get to meet new people, you discover that a lady down the road uses cbd oil for her MS.  The guy at the gun store uses it for diabetes.  Then you read an article that explains how a man is earning over $50,000.00 a month (MONTH) simply by sending people to a web page that explains how you can earn money with cbd.  A company manufactures and delivers the product for you.  You receice a commission from sales that you instigate and receive a residual income when they re-order. 

You realize that building an organization of people can take some time and your income will be small at first but that is your customers refer other customers, you receive commissions on them also. 

You decide to check it out.  Learn about the products and how the company works.  Take a free tour and watch people join your downline from people above you.  Check out the back office.  Watch your team grow in real time.  You can take that free tour right here, right now or visit this blog for more information.  No credit card necessary.  See if you can join the ranks of people with a lifetime residual income.