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Here is a typical do it yourself installation of batteries and inverter.

The 3 section box contains an inverter in the first section, and batteries in the other 2 sections. An Iota 24 volt battery charger is in the small box above the battery box. On cloudy or foggy days the gasoline generator can be used to power the battery charger. The addition of a wind turbine in the future should eliminate the need for a generator.

battery box

The 24 volt inverter can handle up to 3500 watts continiously. The charge controllers were relocated to a cabinet on the wall when more controllers were needed for extra panels.


The first set of 8 batteries are in serious need of maintenance. Trojan T-105 deep cycle are a common battery for solar installations.

Trojan T105s

This battery bank is a little cleaner. Eight 6 volt betteries. Two strings of four connected in series, in parallel. A string of 4 batteries connected in series keeps the amps at 220 ah while the voltage adds up to 24 volts. Connecting 2 strings of 4 in series keeps the volts at 24. In series you add the volts and in parallel you add the amps.

battery cox

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