We began selling and installing solar and wind energy systems back in 1999 in Witch Well, Arizona, when Bill Clinton was President. Solar and wind technology have advanced a great deal since then. In those days, use permits were not required and there was no such thing as a certified installer. Water wells were witched in this remote area near the Navajo Nation in Arizona, and we brought electricity to the off-grid residents.

We moved to Utah and are located near Starvation Reservoir just 12 miles from Duchesne, Utah. We are off-grid and use what we sell. We have learned over the years from our own mistakes as well as others. We can answer your questions from experience.

We stock inverters, charge controllers, solar modules, wind turbines (generators), deep cycle batteries, and the associated connectors and balance of system wiring and fuses and disconnects. We sell wholesale to distributors and installers as well as to the general public.

We were the first alternative energy sales and service in the Uintah Basin.

Remember: God gave us the Sun and Wind so that we would never have to get a bill from the Moon Electric. Why would anyone of sound mind, sign-up for perpetual debt even beyond death, when remaining debt-free is so much better? Utilities, like Casinos, amass vast wealth at the expense of those unaware of sound financial principles.