Substring Optimizers Explained

The past several years of residential PV installation have been characterized by a marked shift in the dominant technology used for optimizing solar arrays. String inverters ruled the roost for years, offering simplicity and fast installations but providing limited performance control. Micro-inverters, initially a niche offering, became a ubiquitous approach for residential projects and ushered in a new era of evangelizing the importance of isolating individual modules.

Scatec Solar Offloads Utah Red Hills Solar Plant

Solar Companies Denounce Utah Utility’s NEM Proposal

Fraunhofer ISE Claims Efficiency Record With New Solar Cell

Fannie Mae now offers solar financing

Home Of Utah Jazz Basketball Team Gets Rooftop Solar

NREL Researchers Make Breakthrough On Perovskite Solar Cells

Macquarie Infrastructure Corporation Unit to Acquire Utah Solar Power Plant

Salt Lake City Lays Out Aggressive Renewables Goal: 100% By 2032

Salt Lake City has committed to transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2032, as well as reduce carbon emissions citywide by 80% by 2040.

5 facts about solar in Utah

Solar energy is a resource with many benefits. It's sustainable for energy consumption and is continuously renewable. It can generate power, heat, water and even energizes your body with Vitamin D! You may have already known these tidbits of information, but here are five additional facts that may surprise you about electricity and solar energy in Utah.


Utah's residential electricity is expensive


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