HP says bye-bye to utility power and Hello to Do It Ourself


Technology company HP Inc. says it is bolstering its longtime commitment to sustainability by pledging to achieve 100% renewable electricity usage in its global operations.

Minnesota jails patriot for creating own electricity

In an effort to exercise total control over citizens and appease Satan, Minnesota has decided to jail citizens that obey God and try to be self reliant.


A Minnesota green energy entrepreneur has been in jail since Friday all because of a wind turbine that once stood on his property.

Rocky Mountain Power To Build 20 MW Solar Farm For Subscribers

Rocky Mountain Power has signed a contract with juwi to build and develop the utility’s first Subscriber Solar program resource. The 20 MW solar farm will be located in Holden, Utah.

Wyoming Attorney General Petitions EPA To Reconsider Clean Power Plan

At the direction of Gov. Matt Mead, R-Wyo., Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael has petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider the final Clean Power Plan rulemaking.

In the petition, submitted to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Dec. 21, the state argues that the final rule violates the Administrative Procedure Act, the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act.

SMA Launches Home Storage Inverter For High-Voltage Batteries

SMA high voltage inverter

Germany-based SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) has

Solar program at Hill Air Force Base to start next month

OGDEN, Utah (AP) — A solar jobs program for veterans, first touted by President Barack Obama, will begin next month.

What's Your Angle?: Calculating Ideal Panel Tilt

solar panel angle


You have your panels, inverters, and mounting materials... Now, how do you figure out what the ideal tilt for a given application is?

The following is a general breakdown of ideal tilts based on what you’re trying to get out of the array:

Year-round loads: Tilt angle equals latitude

Congress extends ITC (30% Investment Tax Credit) 5 years

Christmas came early for America's solar industry this week when Congress agreed to a budget deal

NREL Study Highlights Growth Of U.S. Renewables

Solar Frontier Achieves Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency Of 22.3%

Japan-based Solar Frontier has achieved a solar cell efficiency of 22.3% with its copper indium selenium (CIS) thin-film technology.

Through joint research with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan, Solar Frontier achieved the results on a 0.5cm² cell. The Fraunhofer Institute has independently verified the test.


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