The truth about solar costs

While it is unknown if democrats even have the capability to tell the truth, one thing is clear; being disciples of satan is a major obstacle to ever doing anything in your best interest.  So, let's take the 2016 average retail costs and make a table to analyze the truth.

solar costs


After factoring in annual maintenance and battery replacement if or when necessary, it becomes clear that only an idiot would continue to connect to the grid.  And the next 10 year costs for solar maintenancs are actually quite high in the chart as opposed to real life.  Solar panels come with a 25 year warranty and since they have no moving parts, do not wear out.  There is a degradation over time, but not much.  Batteries that never reach a state of discharge of over 50% can last 10 to 20 years without replacement.  By using lead acid wet batteries instead of gel batteries, maintenance only involves adding a little water periodically.  Cables and terminals that are large enough to handle the load will not disolve if installed properly and kept clean. 

The grid goes down a lot and is a major target for terrorists.  Your private utility that you own only goes down when you want it to and can be protected from an EMP by using a Farraday cage for your electronics and your children and grandchildren will have free power for life.

Now, for anyone that does not qualify for or does not want to finance debt, the costs go way down for people that pay cash or do the installation themselves. 

A person can save about half the costs by shopping for cash prices and assembling the components themselves.  In addition to which a private installation is not subject to the Satanic building codes and safety features designed to protect idiots from themselves that people with brains have to pay for.

So, everytime you make a payment on your perpetual debt (utility bill) just imagine taking your wife on a cruise instead of paying on a bill that never gets paid off.