Utah Gov Herbert hates solar

It's no secret that Herbert is a liberal.  Some suggest he even dances naked on a pentagram while drinking crows blood and chanting praises to Satan.  His hatred for the little guy was recently exposed as he signs law making an alcohol content of .05 a crime.  Now he has removed all incentives for citizens to go solar.  The very last thing he wants is for people to be energy independent.  He receives millions from big (and highly faulty) utilities.  One might say that no governor in the history of the United States hates his constituents more than Herbert. 


Utah Gov. Gary R. Herbert has signed into law a bill that will fully phase out the state’s residential solar tax credit.

iStock-476502420 Utah Sounds Death Knell For Residential Solar Incentive

Utah homeowners can currently claim a $2,000 income tax credit for installing rooftop solar, but the new law will drop the incentive to $1,600 in 2018 and decrease the available amount by an additional $400 each year, until the solar tax credit is completely eliminated after 2021.