When we began installing solar systems, Bill Clinton was President. Solar panels were expensive and very few people were aware that that didn't have to pay the utility for the rest of their lives.

There weren't any zoning laws for solar and since most 6th graders knew enough about electricity to use a solar panel, there weren't any requirements that one had to be certified to hook panels up.

Solar panels produce DC voltage and were generally used to charged batteries and so the installation was almost as complicated as replacing batteries in a flashlight.

Of course, once people became aware that they could create electricity for free, once they invested in a few modules, mountain cabins in remote areas became electrified with microwave ovens and Internet routers. More sales meant more production which in turn meant lower prices.

Then people realized that they could disconnect from the utility completely. Utilities bribed the politicians to pass laws against freedom and creating free electricity from the sun. After all, we can't have people becoming independent and thinking for themselves. Millions of dollars were spent to criminalize solar and wind power wherever possible. When that failed, the utilities agreed to buy electricity produced by citizens for a small fraction of what it is worth, if only they would spend thousands of dollars on a grid tie system to ensure that the electricity from God was as good as the electricity from Satan. This allowed citizens to buy expensive equipment that they did not need in order to get a check every year for six dollars and thirty nine cents. Wow!

The government decided that private citizens could not create their own electricity on their own property because solar panels were ugly and would be a neighborhood nuisance. But, even if all of the neighbors thought the modules were beautiful, it would still be illegal because in the United States of Socialism, someone twenty years from now MIGHT be injured if a tornado came by and a solar panel hit them in the head, so the government would have to approve every screw, nut, and connection, on the private property owned by a private citizen.

Over 50% of the population voted for a socialist president without a single qualification and love the idea of government giving them free welfare and food stamps and so let anyone with a job that can afford solar panels be damned. Blacks are tired of white people having more just because they work for it and so people that use solar panels are racist, too.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and all of the early contributors of the United States would call today's politicians traitors and order them hung till dead, but today if you can get along without the government, you must be a criminal unless you have zillions of dollars for attorneys or know a mafia hit man.

In rural areas, people just create their own electricity without telling anyone and simply vow to kill anyone that thinks there is something wrong with that. After all, solar panels have no moving parts, make no noise, make zero waste or pollution, and never wear out. Nobody even knows they are there unless they are in an airplane. What is there to be illegal? Except for grid-tie systems that support the utilities, solar systems are low voltage direct current systems with the same danger as a flashlight. Why anyone would be foolish enough to connect to the grid anyway is a mystery that the secret combinations of government love, but is expensive for no real reason and has not a single benefit. Using a battery backed up system that provides electricity during the non-sunlight hours is very inexpensive, frees the citizen from a monthly utility bill for the rest of his/her life, never loses power because someone drove into a power pole, has no wires to a government agency that can be used for spying, is completely clean and pollution free, and should be nobody's business except for the citizen.

Most people would rather allow the government to enslave them than stand up for what is right and so for those people, we have listed the permitting requirements for cities in Utah that have them. There are still some towns that do not dance naked on a pentagram while drinking crows blood and shouting praises to Satan, so you should check with the powers that be.