Rocky Mountain Power leaves residence without power for days, again!

One might think that in an area where it snows every year and sometimes heavily, that Rocky Mountain Power might have at least a small amount of concern for it's customers.  But alas, RMC cares not about anyone on life support or that depends on electricity for heat.  To prove this RMC will not refund even a single penny for it's absolute failure to deliver the electricity as promised.  It's kind of like paying for a tank of gas at the fueling station and then have the station take your money and refuse to give you any fuel until next week. 

Billion dollar corporations that have no competition couldn't care less about customers.  They have many trucks that cost over a hundred thousand dollars each that aren't even being used thanks to the cash that people give them in good faith.

People that have their own electricity from solar panels or wind turbines have no utility bill.  Their power only goes off when they turn it off.

SALT LAKE CITY — Thousands of customers were still without power Saturday afternoon after a spring snowstorm hit parts of Utah overnight Thursday and into Friday.

As of 2 p.m., approximately 3,980 customers — down from 19,000 Friday evening — were being affected by outages in the Salt Lake Valley, according to Rocky Mountain Power’s website.

The power company reports a total of 694 outages in the area.

Affected customers should prepare for the possibility that power will be out throughout the day and into Sunday, the Salt Lake City Council said in a news release.