Why Crown Batteries are the best for solar (renewable energy)

We have been selling and installing solar and wind power systems since 1999.  There have been a lot of technological advances during that time.  While some of the prototypes and advances currently under research in all facets of the solar industry, lead acid batteries is still, by far, the least expensive solution for storing electricity. 

Within the lead acid battery realm, there are only three major players: Trojan, US Battery, and Crown.  You can buy a variety of "junk" batteries from Costco, Interstate, and other box stores.  The battery bank is a critical part of the system and should not be taken lightly. 

Trojan has the best name recognition and it's difficult to say who copied who between US Battery and Trojan.  Crown is quite conservative in their ratings and very modest in proclaiming statistics, but one thing is abundantly clear; Crown batteries have thicker plates, weigh more, and last longer. 

Crown's green batteries even come with water miser caps which help conserve battery electrolyte. 

A retired solar installer has a blog at: https://handybobsolar.wordpress.com/2014-solar-ideas-batteries-other-thi... where he explains his take on why Crown batteries are better.

We have only been a dealer for Crown batteries for a few months and so we do not have a lengthy track record to draw from as the Crown batteries we have sold are still relatively new.  However, we have studied this issue at length and will be adding essays to this blog as we have documented evidence to back up what we already know.  Crown makes the best battery for renewable energy. 




Ohio-based Crown Battery Manufacturing introduces its new renewable energy battery product series, the CRP Power Module. These batteries are designed from the ground up for energy storage for off-grid applications and for uninterrupted power supply for grid-connected users. The series contains 13 models, all 2-volt batteries with capacities ranging from 710 to 3690 ampere-hours (100-hour rating). Terminal options include stainless steel threaded stud terminals and inserted brass terminals. The batteries offer longer life and greatly improved flexibility, configurability, reliability, and performance, along with lower maintenance and safe and easy handling.

According to John Connell, Vice President of the SLI Products Group, the CRP Power Module series features heavy, energy-dense plates with more active lead, which is the key to long battery life. “Crown renewable batteries are the heavy weight. Crown Battery leads the industry in lead per ampere-hour of rated capacity. Everything else being equal, batteries with more active lead will last longer,” Connell explains.

Crown Battery’s LifePlus lead is manufactured at its oxide mills to precise specifications and standards, applied uniformly, and cured in computerized ovens for maximum performance over the battery’s life. In addition, Crown uses heavier plates to provide more raw material for chemical reactions, to help prevent failure and internal short circuits. Crown’s commitment to using high-quality lead materials, computer-controlled formulation, in-house manufacturing, and rigorous testing makes it the industry’s technology leader in long-life RE batteries.

“RE users have specific needs,” says Connell, “and Crown can meet them; the CRP Power Module series provides additional flexibility through parallel connections to meet users’ requirements. Crown’s 2-volt batteries offer virtually unlimited configuration options, better temperature management, and more effective electrical isolation over a wide range of ampere-hour capacities.”

Crown’s advanced RE battery products are engineered and manufactured to meet the exacting demands of solar and wind power users. Connell elaborates, “Unlike some manufacturers, who simply repackage existing battery products into a new array and call it an RE line, Crown Battery evaluated marketplace and customer needs and developed an innovative array of batteries to provide the best available storage solutions for solar and wind systems.”

Solar and wind users benefit from low maintenance costs and safe, easy handling. Crown’s CRP Power Module batteries integrate several features to lower operating costs, reduce maintenance requirements, and ensure safe and easy handling. The result is improved return on investment. CRP Power Module 2-volt series batteries feature rugged cell construction and offer numerous features designed for RE users, including a heat-sealed cell cover to ensure a permanent, leak-free seal between the cell container and cover. A double O-ring bushing design allows for positive plate growth while preventing cover leakage and eliminating cover distortion. A full-width element protector with individual fingers between each plate lug prevents premature failure from mossing and short-circuiting and prevents separator damage during cell inspection.

“Crown Battery is committed to renewable energy from manufacturing to recycling,” says CEO and President Hal Hawk. “Our company took a major step to reduce its carbon footprint by using solar, geothermal, and wind energy in manufacturing operations. Then, we created a new series of batteries designed specifically for renewable energy and a battery recycling program to ensure our customers’ spent batteries are used to make more batteries.”