Rocky Mountain Power Failure

Rocky Mountain FAILS to deliver power AGAIN

One might think that power lines could be underground and safe, but Rocky Mountain Power doesn't want to spend the money and doesn't care even a little bit when power goes out and people on life support die.  Neither do they care that some people depend on electricity for heat.  RMP has billions of dollars in savings and millions of dollars worth of equipment that they don't even need or use.  But then when dumb asses connect to the grid they agree to a perpetual debt that can never be paid off and really must enjoy spending double to ten times what electricity really costs.  Smart people u

13,000 central Utah customers out of power because they chose Rocky Mountain Power over self power

No utility is always up.  But they do charge millions or billions of dollars.  Smart citizens save the money they would have given the utility for a perpetual debt that never gets paid off and bought their own solar panels.  Now, their power only goes off when they turn it off.

Rocky Mountain Power Fails 82,000 customers, again

Utility power has never been, nor can it ever be, as reliable as doing it yourself.  The government has never been able to do anything efficiently and utilities are government controlled entities.  They may tell you to bend over, but they never provide vaseline.  People are brainwashed and have grown to allow Satan into their lives as a matter of convenience.

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