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Which battery is best?

LG launches lithium-ion batteries for solar in U.S.

LG Chem Ltd., a provider of lithium-ion batteries for automotive, stationary and consumer applications, has formally launched its range of residential battery systems in the North American market.

Nano Carbon Lead Acid technology pricey but impressive

At $17,000 per battery, they can be cycled 5000 times.  That is 5 times more than regular lead-acid but the price is more than 5 times higher.  But, it's a new technology and prices will surely drop, perhaps dramatically.


Electric carmakers on battery alert after funds stockpile cobalt

In a daring wager on larger costs, half a dozen funds, together with Swiss-based Pala Investments and China’s Shanghai Chaos, have bought and saved an estimated 6,000 tonnes of cobalt, value as a lot as $280m, based on the traders, merchants and analysts.

The stockpile is equal to 17 per cent of final 12 months’s international manufacturing of the steel.

Why Crown Batteries are the best for solar (renewable energy)

We have been selling and installing solar and wind power systems since 1999.  There have been a lot of technological advances during that time.  While some of the prototypes and advances currently under research in all facets of the solar industry, lead acid batteries is still, by far, the least expensive solution for storing electricity. 

New design brings world's first solar battery to performance milestone Read more: New design brings world's first solar battery to performance milestone

(Nanowerk News) After debuting the world's first solar air battery last fall, researchers at The Ohio State University have now reached a new milestone.
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