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We specialize in off-grid.

Alternative energy is not only far more reliable than the grid, it is also much less expensive. Energy independence means you have power even when the utility fails. Especially, when the utility fails on purpose to facilitate government control.

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Many financial institutions are eager to finance your solar system. In most cases, your monthly payment when amortized over 15 years is less than your monthly utility bill. So you start saving money the very first day. Of course in 15 years, when the loan is paid off, you have no utility bill and have free power for the next 60 or so years. Solar panels do not have any moving parts and do not wear out. New solar panels typically carry a 25 year warranty.

We have many articles in our blog to help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars by doing many things yourself. Please check articles to help you understand batteries, inverters, and charge controllers.

Even if you start small and grow your system as you can afford it, you will be more prepared than 99% of the population when the grid goes down. For under $500 you can have emergency power charge phone batteries, run a laptop, and watch television. Even with just a single battery and an inverter, you can run household appliances and charge the battery with your vehicle. View our solar cost and savings page for actual current prices as submitted by real installers in all 50 states.

We were the first wind turbine installers in the Uintah Basin. We are the only experienced "sales and service" complete off-grid, stocking dealer for everything you need to be self sufficient and energy independent in Eastern Utah. Located off-grid, near Starvation Reservoir and Duchesne, Utah, we are your single source for everything solar and wind power. A small wind generator can charge your batteries at night to both prolong battery life and reduce the number of batteries needed.

We stock 12 volt and 24 volt inverters, charge controllers, solar panels, MC-4 connectors, and batteries. We use what we sell. You are welcome to look at our off-grid system, and we will help you understand how things work or how to hook them up. Unlike other dealers that sell solar, but do not actually use it, we have actual experience. You may as well buy your solar modules from a toilet bowl cleaner salesman as to buy from someone that is connected to the grid. We can give you tips and tricks that we have learned over the years that box stores have no idea about. If a solar salesman can't show you his own system, including batteries, inverter, and methods of charging the batteries, he is simply a scammer and is only after your money and has no knowledge or experience to help you with, now, or ever.