Solar Power Kits

We have a variety of solar kits which save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by putting the kit together yourself. Most teenagers can easily assemble a kit. It is about as easy as charging a cell phone. You could pay us $100 an hour to do it, but you would have to tell us where you want it, or what you want where, so you may as well save some money and do it the way you want it.

Decide how much power you want to produce and find the correct solar watt output kit.

Each kit contains a solar panel(s) which has a rated watt output. The watt output is how much power the panel will produce. This is how you determine which kit you need. Each kit also includes a charge controller to charge, but not over charge a battery or battery bank. You also get a battery and an inverter to change the batterys DC voltage to regular 120 volt AC household current. You get battery cables to connect the battery to the inverter and also the wires necessary to connect the solar panel(s) to the charge controller and the wires to connect the charge controller to the battery. Everything is included in the kit to produce electricity and charge the battery. All you have to do is plug an appliance into the inverter, just as you would plug an appliance into a wall socket in your home. We have longer solar panel cables if you need your solar panels farther away from the battery than the kit includes. The wires and cables included in the kits are only 2 to 3 feet long.